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Masonic Etiquette In the New Millennium English 

Masonic Etiquette In the New Millennium

In a few words, Masonic Etiquette is a code of recommended rules and suggestions; however, we have to understand that these rules and suggestions are not laws, such as the Grand Lodges regulations, or Edicts of the Grand Master. It is good to apply Masonic Etiquette in the Masonic life, maybe much more in the profane one, in order to honor the Order, because the Mason, especially outside the Lodge, is the mirror of the Masonic Fraternity.

Masonic Etiquette In the New Millennium

“Freemasonry is a mirror of the society itself, because its members obviously are part of society, so it cannot escape the influence of secular life other than through education. All manifestations of disrespect, of over-turning the values, manifestations that unfortunately tend to encompass all aspects of our culture today, can be tackled only through a process of return to the es-tablished society values through education.
Masonic Brotherhood is the oldest of fraternities that exist in the world at this time. One of the features that differentiated it is tradition, submitted both in writing and orally. Masonic Etiquette is one of the most im-portant aspects of tradition.”

Eugene Matzota

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