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'Inside the Freemasons' - Documentary to Air on Sky Network English Featured 

‘Inside the Freemasons’ – Documentary to Air on Sky Network

Back in October, I reported that Britain’s Sky 1 television network had worked in conjunction with the United Grand Lodge of England to create a five-part documentary about the 300th anniversary of the 1717 formation of the grand lodge in England, entitled Inside the Freemasons. Originally envisioned as a four-parter in one hour segments, when production wrapped, both UGLE and the producers felt there was enough footage and public interest that a fifth episode was warranted.

Well, Freemasonry Today has announced that the first episode will air on Monday, April 17th at 8PM on Sky 1.

What makes this program hopefully different, and less lurid and dodgy than previous ones over the years has been what is described as “unique and unprecedented access” and cooperation of UGLE and its lodges with the Emporium Productions team. John Hamill is now the director of special projects for the UGLE, which is also a very good sign.

The show sounds like it will be a history lesson, a myth debunking, and an exploration of why 21st century men still want to join a 300+ year old fraternal organization that suffers from lots of public suspicion and derision in Britain in the first place. That may be the most important aspect of this program in the end, given the fraternity’s challenges there.

Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to air on BBC America (who seems to air more Star Trek than English television these days), and no U.S. or Canadian distribution of the program has been announced at this point.

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