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Registration to Applied Freemasonry is now open English 

Registration to Applied Freemasonry is now open

As you may know, for the past year I have been leading a Masonic Education program called Applied Freemasonry. It is designed for Brothers who recognize the importance of taking a practical approach to Freemasonry by intentionally applying the lessons of our Craft to their personal life.

Through the use of live video conferences, video courses, audio guides, articles, and more, we work together to be introspective and proactive in perfecting our ashlar. This is the Masonic Education experience you have been missing.

  • Do you wish there was more time dedicated to Masonic Education?
  • Do you agree that learning is not enough and that applying lessons is more important?
  • Could you benefit from surrounding yourself with Brothers who are passionate about Masonic Education?

If so, then you need to be a part of this program. Registration for Applied Freemasonry is open to Entered Apprentices and above. Enrollment is now open but spaces are limited. Don’t leave it for later, join us today!

Juan Sepulveda

Applied Freemasonry:

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