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Oklahoma Edict on Arkansas Lapses: Amity Restored English 

Oklahoma Edict on Arkansas Lapses: Amity Restored

The edict issued on October 31, 2016 by the now immediate Past Grand Master of Oklahoma suspending Masonic amity with the Grand Lodge of Arkansas has turned out to be short lived. The assembled voting members at the MW Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Oklahoma’s annual communication last weekend, November 11-12,  failed to affirm PGM Dudley “Ridge” Smith’s Decision No. 3, and so it has been rescinded with the election of MW Richard Allison as their new Grand Master.

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More Antics Out Of Arkansas English 

More Antics Out of Arkansas

Many years ago, I came across the official stance of the United Grand Lodge of England  that cautioned their members while visiting other jurisdictions. While they certainly encouraged traveling, they expected their members not to actually sit in a lodge meeting or degree conferral with Masons they did not recognize, if possible. They observed that if a UGLE member found himself in a meeting with someone who he knew to be unrecognized by UGLE, he was to not make a fuss, but simply “tactfully withdraw.”

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Grand Lodge of Arkansas' Yezhovshchina English 

Grand Lodge of Arkansas’ Yezhovshchina

The Soviets called it the Yezhovshchina. The ongoing drama within the Grand Lodge of Arkansas continues unabated. This is one of those “inside baseball” stories, and one could be forgiven for thinking that it was a discussion of backstabbing within a Middle School debating club, instead of the world’s oldest gentlemen’s fraternity dedicated to meeting and acting upon the level.

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