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McMasons English 


I came across that damned word last night again in a conversation: McMason. It’s a derogatory term used in the fraternity by some to disparage their own Brother Masons who received the degrees of Masonry at a One Day Class event. Variations include One Day Wonders, Blue Lightnings, Fast Food Masons, Sidewalk To Shriners, and other not especially flattering labels. Curious: I never knew we have two classifications of Master Masons in this fraternity. I thought we were just one sacred band, or society of friends and brothers, who could…

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New Netflix Movie: 'Burning Sands' English 

New Netflix Movie: ‘Burning Sands’

You may have encountered these for sale online – wooden cricket bat-syle paddles with Masonic symbols, and even Prince Hall markings on them – and wondered why the heck someone would want such a thing. They are common items around college campuses, used in “Greek” fraternities, but certainly not something you should be finding in a Masonic lodge.

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Hidden Ladies Room Cameras Found in Louisville Scottish Rite English 

Hidden Ladies Room Cameras Found in Louisville Scottish Rite

Just what the fraternity needs – an ugly, salacious scandal hitting the nightly news. Media outlets in Louisville, Kentucky are reporting tonight that a lawsuit has just been filed there involving the Scottish Rite Valley of Louisville concerning the accidental discovery about six months ago of surveillance cameras hidden in three ladies’ rest rooms and locker room areas of the building.

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William Moore Speaking at Kansas City English 

William Moore Speaking at Kansas City

On Thursday, March 30th, 2017, the Kansas City chapter of the American Institute of Architects will be sponsoring a tour of the Valley of Kansas City’s Scottish Rite Temple. The tour will be followed by a prsentation by professor and author William Moore, entitled ‘Solomon’s Temple in America: Masonic Architecture, Popular Culture, and Biblical Imagery 1865-1930.’

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France President Hollande To Visit Grand Orient Museum and HQ English 

France President Hollande To Visit Grand Orient Museum and HQ

The French press is all atwitter this morning (here’s Le Figaro, for example). The current President of France, François Hollande, will visit a Masonic grand lodge as president for the first time since at least before WWII. Today, February 27th, he will spend an hour at the Rue Cadet headquarters of the Grand Orient de France (GOdF), the largest Masonic obedience in the country. The occasion is the 300th anniversary year of the official founding of the modern fraternity in London, and the GOdF is the location of Paris’ magnificent…

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'Inside the Freemasons' - Documentary to Air on Sky Network English Featured 

‘Inside the Freemasons’ – Documentary to Air on Sky Network

Back in October, I reported that Britain’s Sky 1 television network had worked in conjunction with the United Grand Lodge of England to create a five-part documentary about the 300th anniversary of the 1717 formation of the grand lodge in England, entitled Inside the Freemasons. Originally envisioned as a four-parter in one hour segments, when production wrapped, both UGLE and the producers felt there was enough footage and public interest that a fifth episode was warranted.

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