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France President Hollande To Visit Grand Orient Museum and HQ English 

France President Hollande To Visit Grand Orient Museum and HQ

The French press is all atwitter this morning (here’s Le Figaro, for example). The current President of France, François Hollande, will visit a Masonic grand lodge as president for the first time since at least before WWII. Today, February 27th, he will spend an hour at the Rue Cadet headquarters of the Grand Orient de France (GOdF), the largest Masonic obedience in the country. The occasion is the 300th anniversary year of the official founding of the modern fraternity in London, and the GOdF is the location of Paris’ magnificent…

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'Inside the Freemasons' - Documentary to Air on Sky Network English Featured 

‘Inside the Freemasons’ – Documentary to Air on Sky Network

Back in October, I reported that Britain’s Sky 1 television network had worked in conjunction with the United Grand Lodge of England to create a five-part documentary about the 300th anniversary of the 1717 formation of the grand lodge in England, entitled Inside the Freemasons. Originally envisioned as a four-parter in one hour segments, when production wrapped, both UGLE and the producers felt there was enough footage and public interest that a fifth episode was warranted.

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Italian Government Attempting Anti-Masonic Actions... Again English Featured 

Italian Government Attempting Anti-Masonic Actions… Again

In recent weeks, there has been an increasing concern across Europe within the fraternity about anti-Masonic government activity in Italy. The Italians keep at it by abusing anti-Mafia laws against Freemasonry, in much the same way RICO laws in the U.S. designed to fight organized crime get contorted and exploited to prevent anti-abortion protesters from marching in front of Planned Parenthood clinics. This kind of institutionalized anti-Masonry has briefly succeeded before in Italy after the P2 scandal in the 1980s, and in England under then-Home Secretary Jack Straw.

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What If Freemasonry Disappeared Tomorrow? Events 

What If Freemasonry Disappeared Tomorrow?

Kansas brethren, take note. On Saturday, February 11th, the appropriately named Justice Lodge 457 meeting in Alta Vista, KS will present a special, thought-provoking program entitled, “What if Freemasonry Disappeared Tomorrow?” Certainly a fascinating topic for us all to contemplate, and one that needs to be discussed on occasion in any jurisdiction or lodge, for the sake of periodically examining our own roles in our communities and the world at large.  How we are perceived – by the public, as well as by our own members and potential petitioners –…

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Italian Hacking Scandal involves Bank and Freemasons English Featured 

Italian Hacking Scandal involves Bank and Freemasons

On the heels of the hot national and international news being about computer hacking, which lately seems to erupt in one revelation or another with increasing frequency, there should probably be no surprise that there’s a new one in Italy. But what is of interest are the players involved and the European headlines that will doubtless begin flooding the airwaves any second now.

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A Tale of a Temple English 

A Tale of a Temple

Regular readers here know that while I fully understand that Masons can certainly meet in high hills and low vales, or pup tents, for that matter, if given a choice, I prefer the places we built when we dreamed bigger. I have never made a secret of my devotion to protecting and preserving our Masonic architectural history and its place in our communities, large and small, all over the country and the world. Over and over, we see the proud Temples of our past lost or voluntarily given up, out of…

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BBC: Scottish Origins of Freemasonry English 

BBC: Scottish Origins of Freemasonry

A truly well written article about Scottish Freemasonry and the fraternity’s true origins long before London’s longstanding boasts of 1717 just appeared as part of BBC Britain’s website series. Check out The Lost History of the Freemasons by Amanda Ruggeri. It features Bro. Robert Cooper,  who is the longtime curator for the Grand Lodge of Scotland’s library, museum, and archives:

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Illus. Brother John H. Glenn, Jr. English Featured 

Illus. Brother John H. Glenn, Jr.

As reported late in the week, former astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr. passed away Thursday at the age of 95. His career as a Navy and Marine aviator, test pilot, space explorer, and politician was widely reported on upon his death. Less reported was his distinguished and courageous career before his journeying into space as a fighter pilot in two wars, and being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross an astonishing six times.

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