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From The Quarry to The Temple English 

From The Quarry to The Temple

Have you ever thought that every amazing stone sculpture in the world was once a rough stone? Think of that for a second. The origin of every precious sculpture was an ordinary object that many would have ignored in its original state. However, someone had a vision and took the time to work diligently to free that sculpture from the confine of the superfluities that surrounded it.

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The Ladder of Virtue English 

The Ladder of Virtue

As you know, there are many lessons contained within the Masonic Rituals. However, sometimes we overlook the importance of applying those lessons to our life. Whether it is because of distractions or that we are merely focusing on memorizing, we sometimes lose our focus. It is important that we periodically return our focus to the implementation of these timeless teachings.

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What do people get out of Freemasonry? English 

What do people get out of Freemasonry?

Before I submitted my petition to become a Mason, I heard a gentleman say “You get out of Freemasonry what you put into Freemasonry”. Ever since joining the Order, I have heard that same expression over a thousand more times (slight exaggeration). My experience has been a very rewarding one, but that initial caution I received from that Brother, has proven to be true and has helped me better enjoy the experience.

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