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New Netflix Movie: 'Burning Sands' English 

New Netflix Movie: ‘Burning Sands’

You may have encountered these for sale online – wooden cricket bat-syle paddles with Masonic symbols, and even Prince Hall markings on them – and wondered why the heck someone would want such a thing. They are common items around college campuses, used in “Greek” fraternities, but certainly not something you should be finding in a Masonic lodge.

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New AMC TV Series - Lodge 49 English Featured 

New AMC TV Series – Lodge 49

Television has historically not treated the topic of Freemasonry in particular, or fraternalism in general, very kindly over the decades. Lodges have usually been seen as fodder for comedy, from Andy Griffith (above), and The Honeymooners, to The Flintstones, The Simpsons, and many others. Despite the serious role that fraternal groups have played in the lives of so many millions of members, lodges are usually reduced to little more than hard drinking, stripper-pinching, black-balling, hatwear-challenged parodies of Shriners.

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