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Alexandru Vaida-Voevod #24
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Fair and Perfect Lodge “Alexandru Vaida-Voivod” was founded on October 19, 2013 after the joint decision of several Brothers from the country and abroad, including six brothers Masters Masons of the Middle Cluj-Napoca and two beloved brother in Switzerland. Soon our numbers increased a dated receipt of three brothers. On November 30, 2013, following an application for membership submitted Lodge received Patent running and authorization to work in the Scottish Rite in obedience National Grand Lodge Romanian founded in 1880, is entered in the register it with the number 13. After observing a dangerous dtift of the Obedience, from masinic principles and values, all members decide to leave and in january 2015 decide to affiliate the Lodge to the Grand Orient of Romania, where it keeps its name and receives the register number 24.
The Lodge regards madonry and madonic teaching of high value, and the masonic Working its core.
Alliance des Loges Symboliques

L’Alliance des Loges Symboliques est une fédération de loges, fondée en 2011, elle est organisée selon un principe d’Alliance Maçonnique et non de Grande Loge.
Début Janvier 2015 elle adhère à une règle en 7 points. Elle est actuellement composée de 15 adhérents, loges libres et souveraines, soit environ 200 frères et sœurs. Chaque loge choisit son mode de fonctionnement, masculin, féminin ou mixte ainsi que ses modalités de réception des visiteurs frères et sœurs. Les frères ou les sœurs sont membres de leur loge (association loi 1901) qui elle-même est membre de l’Alliance des Loges Symboliques (Fédération de Loges).
L’Alliance des Loges Symboliques est présente sur le sud de la France et en Bourgogne. Les rites actuellement pratiqués sont : le Rite Français Moderne, le Rite Ecossais Rectifié, le Rite Ecossais Primitif et le Rite Ecossais d’Ecosse.

Alþjóðleg frímúrararegla karla og kvenna – Le Droit Humain
Kirkjustétt 2-6
Reykjavík 113

Alþjóðleg frímúrararegla karla og kvenna, Le Droit Humain starfa karlar og konur saman að mannrækt, óháð kyni, litarhætti og trúarskoðunum. Reglan hét áður Samfrímúrarareglan á Íslandi en nafn reglunnar hefur nú verið þýtt að nýju með aukið gagnsæi í huga en reglan heitir á ensku International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain.
Amen-Ra Lodge No. 584

Amen-Ra Lodge 584 has been shining its light in Milwaukee, WI since 1943 working under the auspices of the Supreme Council of the ‘International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women, “Le Droit Humain”’.

American Canadian Grand Lodge

The final unification of the Craft lodges in Germany became a fact when, in 1958, the new ‘Magna Charts of German Freemasonry’ was adopted by the general assemblies of the United Grand Lodge, AF&AM of Germany and the Grand Land Lodge of Freemasons in Germany (FO), and the “United Grand Lodges of Germany – Brotherhood of German Freemasons” was established, thereby unifying all remaining elements of Freemasonry in Germany. The vital role-played in this period in the history of German Freemasonry by M.W. Bro. Vogel was once again documented when he was again elected in 1958 to serve as the first Grand Master of the new United Grand Lodges of Germany (VGLvD).
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Mediterranean

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Mediterranean Ordo Rosae Crucis – Mediterranean Jurisdiction ” decided to embrace righteousness, uphold truth justice and freedom, and act with tolerance and wisdom for the progress and well-being of humanity and individual members.
Capitolo Piero Gamondi – Oriente di Como

Domenica 22 gennaio 2017, alla presenza del Sommo Sacerdote Eccellentissimo Compagno Tiziana Busca, sono state Innalzate le Colonne del Capitolo Piero Gamondi n° 87 all’Oriente di Como.
Central Lodge No. 1
2201 Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN
United States of America

Central Lodge No. 1 F&AM PHA is Indiana’s oldest Prince Hall Affiliated Masonic Lodge, operating under the jurisdiction of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Indiana, and headquartered near the heart of downtown Indianapolis. For over 150 years, Central Lodge No. 1 has dedicated itself in making good men better through the instruction and exemplification of the values, ideals, and principles of Freemasonry.
Central Lodge No. 1 has a vision to properly serve our community, state, and nation, which is rendered to people of all races and nationalities to improve their social, cultural and economic conditions. Our mission is built on the foundation of fidelity, its purpose is service, and its measure is in charity.

En 1982, le Centre de Liaison International de la Maçonnerie Féminine a été fondé afin de renforcer les liens entre la Grande Loge Féminine de France et la Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique.

Par la suite, d’autres Obédiences féminines ont rejoint cet organisme en tant que membres actifs: la  Grande Loge Féminine de Suisse, en 1985, ceci dès que l’Union des Loges travaillant sur le territoire suisse a été réalisée. La Grande Loge Féminine du Portugal, la Grande Loge Maçonnique Féminine d’Italie, la Grande Loge Féminine d’Allemagne. En 2006, la Grande Loge Féminine d’Espagne a rejoint le CLIMAF et, après quelques années d’absences, la Grande Loge Féminine de Turquie a demandé sa réintégration en 2007.

CLIPSAS is an international liberal freemasonry organization from all over the world. Cohering with the ethics proposed by its founders, we are proud of submitting our fidelity only to the message of tolerance, fraternity and union.

CLIPSAS is an international liberal freemasonry organization from all over the world. Cohering with the ethics proposed by its founders, we are proud of submitting our fidelity only to the message of tolerance, fraternity and union.
Its objective is to congregate Freemasons, men and women, who consider that Absolute Liberty of Conscience is the humanity’s great victory over itself.
The most important advances in the recognition of the Absolute Liberty of Conscience, which comprehends by definition the liberty of association in the direction of reconciliation among different metaphysical conceptions of Freemasonry, CLIPSAS Member Obedience Lodges are free to open their works with or without the Bible, under the aegis of the Great Architect of the Universe or not.
CLIPSAS is the Center of Fraternal Union of the Freemasons who consider that the liberty of conscience is a victory of the humanity over itself and, far away from being a factor of disunion; it leads, thanks to the free confrontation of opinions, to the suppression of all barriers.